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David Warren - Seattle Real Estate Agent
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David Warren - Creative Real Estate Marketing

Voted "Best in Client Satisfaction" - Seattle Magazine 
Marketing Specialist
With nearly 20 years in creative marketing & sales, I have the experience and background to advertise your home! Selling a home is really about marketing - not selling. You can't sell something if people don't know about it first.
Investing in Community
The only truly wealthy people are the ones that have a large community of family and friends. One of the greatest things about real estate is the investment you have in people as they relocate and begin building their own community in a new neighborhood. At times you might actually be the only person they know in the area and it's then buyers are thankful that they can take stock in their agents continued friendship.
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I'm always happy to answer your questions about real estate.  Please feel confortable contacting me for no hassle information.
David Warren 
Managing Broker

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